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Who do we serve?

SPOA serves all propery owners across the state of Nebraska.

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What have we done?

Since the establishment of the Statewide Property Owners Association in 2011 we have protected every investment property owner and investment property management company in Nebraska through our work at the Legislature.  Here are only some of the issues that we were successful in defeating, changing or that we supported.


  • Worked with advocates and first responders to craft a sensible law on carbon monoxide detectors in rentals

  • Worked with advocacy groups to pass a law that expedites evictions based upon a clear and present danger

  • Successfully adjusted upward the value requiring disposition of personal property

  • Defeated several proposals that would allow insurance companies to withhold proceeds for demolition

  • Defeated proposals requiring registration of vacant properties

  • Helped stop cities and counties from banning short-term rentals like VRBO

  • Opposed dozens of bills that attempt to change the Uniform Landlord Tennant Act in ways heavily burdensome for owners

  • Opposed several attempts to make radon mitigation mandatory for rental units

  • Opposed several attempts to make costly changes to the law regarding bed bugs and lead-based paint

  • Support multiple efforts to crack down on misuse of service animals by tenants

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How can I support SPOA?

You can support our efforts of engaging a lobbyist to support your rights as a property owner or manager by making a contribution. Please call us to learn how. Your support is greatly apperciated.

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